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It is always the same with commercial games. They have high ratings, even if they are garbage.

Steel Storm makes no exception.
It is at best mediocre, but you will see that, when you play the demo.

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it depends a lot on the definition of poweruser, you are absolutely right if you use it in a genuine way. i was making a rather paraphrased difference between a user how is happy when stuff works and calls their ex if something is broken and a user who is not afraid of a terminal and knows some linux vocabulary like alsa, pulseaudio and apt ;) (understanding is a whole other matter, agreed)

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not related to your question but to my answer, and totally unrelated to your problem.

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I guess most linux users think to be power users, but only a few are.

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I have wrote an article for my romanian readers and of course to promote the game a bit.

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Thank you for the link pheonton it helped me.
Under Debian i use only ALSA for sound but i have libasound2-plugins installed but with no effect.

"a side: isnt it strange how i just assume linux users are power users?"
I don`t understand the question; is somehow related to my issue ? :)

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if you are using pulseaudio installing
helped to solve my sound problems with applications that use alsa.

a side: isnt it strange how i just assume linux users are power users?

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Game: Pseudoform

There is going to be no game.
And all that is left is a little repository
with a little, twitching would be engine.