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Game: Starsector

Contest: Alex (from handed us two keys for the the Starfarer 0.33a Alpha. Rules are dead simple.

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I installed this last year and all was fine. I'll try to set it up again soon and post back

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Game: Minecraft

The new version has weather, and the next will contain in-game maps just like the real ones!

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Real-time empire building and conquest; 10 cultures, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses and more, just try this game, many players are still playing in multiplayer for free on game ranger with

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Game: Starsector

You _must_ preorder the game to play Alpha version. Downloads are available here:

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no, it doesnt. i'm gonna look into it.

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Game: Naev

This is the first time when i play a game like this and i like it; plain and simple nice flow of missions and of course nice story :)

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ah, right XD