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Forum topic: Only 1 video shows up

I don't know about the video, but IMO there are _way_ too many screenshots. It took like 5 seconds to load in a psychedelic fashion, I was tempted to close the page without further looking at the description or some screenshots.

IMO the page should give a preview of your game, usually 4-5 screenshots is good (you can probably go up to 10 if you want, but not 80 or something).

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The game can be completed in less than 2 hours, according to my estimations.

They also were broadcasting a message a few time ago...

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Forum topic: Something New

This games uses RenPy and is written in python, thus, it's cross-plataform.
It should work on any linux machine, even debian, apparently.

Also, when you right-click you open the save/load screen, that's a shortcut like 'Esc'. Left clicking should not do that. (Except by the fact that it did with me a few times...)

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Forum topic: Fun, but...

If I'm not mistaken, there is a button to you skip the battles, that can be enabled by accessing the file "game/options.rpy" and changing the 'config.developer=False' to 'config.developer=True'.
(please note capitalization: "TRUE" or "true" will not work, case sensitive.)

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meh its either free or commercial(subscription, f2p, one time)

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Somewhat reminds me those of in-game-payment shall get a category too.

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Forum topic: Cool but slow

The AI's thinking time is the AI's level in seconds, you can decrease the level for faster play. Default is 6s.

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ok i added f2p as a category/tag: