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Thanks! Your words are very cheering! :)

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Game: Trine

1/10 for a temporary server overload? You are a tad off you your marks

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Game: Family Farm

Tuxplayer, you have missed the demo by few hours. It is available now. Keep in mind while "testing" that it's first linux version and there are issues. More info and download

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Game: Stunt Rally

Thank you for the help scrawl. It seems that Debian puts the libs in /usr/local/lib/OGRE and other libs like libMyGUI.OgrePlatform.a and in /usr/local/lib. So be aware Debian users :)

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Game: Family Farm

Release is planned for April 15. Until that time you can preorder game with 20% discount. Unfortunately, demo is available for windows only.

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Game: Trine

The website is working again ;)

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Game: Trine

server overload...


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Game: Trine

I call trash on this one.