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Game: Stunt Rally

i think you already posted that link... ;)

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Anybody knows how to get audio to work?

I already uncommented 'AudioDevice default' in sliders.ini

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Game: Stunt Rally

Now available from the openSUSE games repository:

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this is a great game. :P

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My friends say I should have put russian Matryoshka on the shelf. :) So gamers would not fall in despair so much. :) An idea for release 1.1. :)

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Game: Cave Story

Great old-school platformer.
Graphics are retro and cool.
It is not just a simple platformer as it has strong story and few extra rpg things (weapons, items).

Recommended for everyone!

Download link is a archive, I have unpacked it and it was working right away (xubuntu 8.04)

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grr the first one is so hard :P

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mmm looks nice :)