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Game: Stunt Rally

Now available from the openSUSE games repository:

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this is a great game. :P

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My friends say I should have put russian Matryoshka on the shelf. :) So gamers would not fall in despair so much. :) An idea for release 1.1. :)

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Game: Cave Story

Great old-school platformer.
Graphics are retro and cool.
It is not just a simple platformer as it has strong story and few extra rpg things (weapons, items).

Recommended for everyone!

Download link is a archive, I have unpacked it and it was working right away (xubuntu 8.04)

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grr the first one is so hard :P

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mmm looks nice :)

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Game: Trine

Well, a demo to test it before the buy would indeed be nice...

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Game: Trine

What an awesome game!
Visuals are great, the music is great and the gameplay is real fun, specially in coop mode.
The three characters have different abilities that make riddle solving so much more worthwhile.
The knight can smash things and guard himself with his shield. The wizard can levitate things and create boxes from air, and a blue liquid. The thief can shoot arrows and ropes.
To get sound with pulseaudio start the launcher with
padsp ./trine-launcher