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Game: Trine

What an awesome game!
Visuals are great, the music is great and the gameplay is real fun, specially in coop mode.
The three characters have different abilities that make riddle solving so much more worthwhile.
The knight can smash things and guard himself with his shield. The wizard can levitate things and create boxes from air, and a blue liquid. The thief can shoot arrows and ropes.
To get sound with pulseaudio start the launcher with
padsp ./trine-launcher

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New update released. It brings 3 new translations: German, Hungarian and Russian. No other major changes this time.

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The game isn't 'officially' released yet, it's currently in beta state. Preorders are already available, first 50 purchases will get 20% discount, see for details and required coupon code.

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Game: Trine

The Linux version is only available in the Frozen Bundle Edition:

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Game: Trine

The website says nothing about a GNU/Linux build/demo.

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Game: Stunt Rally

Can you implement a multiplayer system for the game? That would be nice :)

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Thanks! Your words are very cheering! :)

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Game: Trine

1/10 for a temporary server overload? You are a tad off you your marks