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Only 32 bit. I don't think the source is available to compile for 64 bit

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Game: Stunt Rally

Yes, ReVolt was a great game. Few people know, it's source (more precisely, the source of incompleted xbox version) is available under unclear licensing terms (in fact, it's abandonware). If you are interested, I can try to find the link. It would be great to see a free engine implementation that runs on Linux.

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A great name for a great game :D

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Game: Zod Engine

The Zod Engine has it's own linux support forum, if you want you can post there for support too.

You can actually compile the zod engine without libmysqlclient support if you want. You just need to add in -D DISABLE_MYSQL and remove -lmysqlclient from the makefile.

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Game: Stunt Rally

Tile Racer was by itself a remake of Stunts (DOS game, 1990), like many out there that didn't succeed. I liked Stunts a lot back then, I also liked Revolt (1999) and Generally (2003) and I played a lot Richard Burns Rally (2004).
I think the feel of them can somehow be found in Stunt Rally if only a bit.

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Game: Stunt Rally

You're welcome if you have any other ideas for Gameplay Modes:

Well true, there is only racing against clock implemented. But I wouldn't say it's pointless, you drive the track's road to have the fastest lap. And some tracks aren't easy (pipes, winding road in air).
Opponents are difficult to implement (can't imagine how to describe for them how to drive pipes and jumps so it would be at decent level, or how should they recover from it).

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Game: Ultima VII

Exult is a free, open-source fan project; it also lets users play games created by others for the Exult engine. The thing that's closed-source/commercial is Ultima VII, which provides the files Exult relies on for music, images, and so forth.

The one issue is that the Exult team stopped including Linux when compiling binaries back in 2004, and all of the Linux distros I've checked are evidently waiting for a binary to be released, as they haven't updated their repos since then. All add-ons (some of which make drastic improvements or additions) and other games require Exult 1.4 at the least; the last Linux binary was 1.2.

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Game: Stunt Rally

nice work! its done.