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Forum topic: DJL Theme is broken

visit this url when logged in:

(i fixed the djl front page, thanks for the info)

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Game: Uplink

Nope, it's never been free. Maybe you played the demo or... :)

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Game: Uplink

I remember playing this and it was free...
It was a few years back, I may be wrong

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Excellent oldie, don't miss it.

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Game: Teemu

It does run natively - download the [url=]source[/url], then use 'make -f Makefile.linux' command to compile (SDL development libraries are required). You will also need to download [url=]resources[/url] separately.

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Game: Teemu

I couldn't find any linux compile instructions, just directions for wine

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I was wondering, isn't there maybe a way to display replies and/or identica/twitter messages that have #lgdb in them in some kind of message roll, like quite a few sites have?

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Game: BZFlag

I usually dislike online games because I don't have enough free time to waste it increasing my level (rpgs) or the action is too fast for my lagged internet connection (first person shooters).

With it's extreme simplicity: slow and clumsy tans and even more slow shots, bzflag is suitable for beginners, but it still includes lots of caveheats that allow the experienced users to get a lot of advantage and become their tanks not so slow, not so clumsy.

Add to it an endless list of game modes and scenarios, and the indispensable powerups and you will get a lot of hours of addictive play.