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Forum topic: DJL Theme is broken

Ok, but there is no way to actually turn the theme /off/ which is the biggest problem. A lot of functionality is gone, and djl is a dead tool anyhow, so keeping the theme supported doesn't make sense

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Thanks for your feedback, I've updated the links, you can now download it from Google Code.

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Bad homepage link. After getting to the forum all the linux download links are bad anyway. Does anyone know where to download this game?

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Forum topic: DJL Theme is broken

visit this url when logged in:

(i fixed the djl front page, thanks for the info)

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Game: Uplink

Nope, it's never been free. Maybe you played the demo or... :)

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Game: Uplink

I remember playing this and it was free...
It was a few years back, I may be wrong

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Excellent oldie, don't miss it.

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Game: Teemu

It does run natively - download the [url=]source[/url], then use 'make -f Makefile.linux' command to compile (SDL development libraries are required). You will also need to download [url=]resources[/url] separately.