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Game: World of Goo

Awesome game. High replay value. You don't need a fancy graphics card... :)

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Game: Xonotic

This looks familiar...

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Game: Freedoom

I see here that recent version is '0.6.2' but I have played 0.5-1 in my 'xubuntu8.04' repositories, so I played that.

I played what I could. I went through around 7 levels of freedoom. First few of them were nice, even little innovative. But then I stumbled on 3 levels that were just an empty room. Then another one which seemed like just a work in progress. Strange doors, then some storage room which was hell-hard to beat on 4th skill level. I haven't played further as it seems unfinished.

Wall textures look nice. But you can't say that on creature sprites because they look unnatural. Each of them has different style of looks. Some of them are not finished (they are gray with text 'not finished').

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Game: World of Goo

I have bought it with the Humble Indie Bundle, and I am playing it little by little.

Instead of finishing new levels, I am am often trying to get OCD on older ones...

It is just to good to rush through

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More than sticky theads, I was thinking of a dedicated forum section (Install and support?), and the "install & support" tab could open the thread for that game.

This approach is fairly simple to implement, because the tab would be just a link to the dedicated forum thread

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Ahhh, sure.
Sadly the site reached the performance limit of my host, and until i've moved the site (in preparation) this feature has to wait.

actually you can use [ code ] to display code

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That sounds reasonable, to not over complicate things, a forum for every game should be sufficient and e.g. "install&run instructions" or "common errors" could be sticky threads.

Also this feature has to wait until the site moved to a new host.