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EDIT : Sorry wrong game

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Very good singleplayer...
But Multiplayer and team play is a MUST!!!

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Forum topic: Chatroom/IRC

Processing doesn't take that long (at least in my experience), heck, you can instantaneously create a channel and use it for ages before the staff take notice. There might be something I'm overlooking though.

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Forum topic: Good Going guys

Actually, the more games you add, the more new interesting links you find (and while examining those latter links, you find even more new links, and so on).

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Forum topic: Chatroom/IRC

i was thinking about this feature for some time now. As i see it there are two options. A chat integrated into the site or an irc (web) chat. Both wouldn't need additional software (like xmpp) or registration (like google wave). Personally the irc solution is my favorite and i'am hoping for a channel at freenode, they say processing will take a l o n g time though.

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Forum topic: Good Going guys

I'm surprised as well. I really dont know how tuxplayer is finding all these games.

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ok ok, login is back on front page. you might want to use the remember me functionality to get logged in automatically.

the goal is that every action that is only accessible for registered users, like adding a game or posting comments automatically opens the login screen. that will make the login form unimportant. For voting this is not possible at the moment, other actions this functionality is are already implemented.

Always helpful to get the opinion from other usage scenarios, thanks.

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Game: Apocalypso

Strange error you have there. No idea why it would stop at the title screen. You should be able to get further by pressing the left mouse button, but I guess you tried that. I will look into it.