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Lgdb news: Markup and Twitter

In my opinion, Identica is more linux centric and has functionality such as groups and discussion threading that make it a better tool to use than twitter. Also, it has a built in Twitter bridge that allows you to post on twitter and identica simultaneously, so there's nothing to lose in using it!

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I is a quite nice little game.

fully functional demo on their website

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shadowsground survivors

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Game: Raincat

Great and really cute, but a bit short.

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mhm... so what game did you mean?

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EDIT : Sorry wrong game

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Very good singleplayer...
But Multiplayer and team play is a MUST!!!

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Forum topic: Chatroom/IRC

Processing doesn't take that long (at least in my experience), heck, you can instantaneously create a channel and use it for ages before the staff take notice. There might be something I'm overlooking though.