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Forum topic: The time of LGP

Totally shared sentiment here. Everything from their logo, to their website, to their multiplayer lobby just does not reach the level of quality that is present in the rest of the industry (something that I feel LinuxGameTome/Happypenguin is slightly guilty of as well, but thats a rant for another day).

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Lgdb news: Markup and Twitter

In my opinion, Identica is more linux centric and has functionality such as groups and discussion threading that make it a better tool to use than twitter. Also, it has a built in Twitter bridge that allows you to post on twitter and identica simultaneously, so there's nothing to lose in using it!

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I is a quite nice little game.

fully functional demo on their website

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shadowsground survivors

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Game: Raincat

Great and really cute, but a bit short.

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mhm... so what game did you mean?

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EDIT : Sorry wrong game

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Very good singleplayer...
But Multiplayer and team play is a MUST!!!