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Game: Kobo Deluxe


Wow, this is surely great game ! Simple, small, yet very catchy. Idea is simple, gameplay is very repetitive, but yet I played it already for few hours and I plan to play it alot more ! (Currently on at level 21).

Good to relieve stres, easy to install (ubuntu), easy to play, and has nice graphics.

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Check out the new version, with the updated sprites of Emi and Yuuko.

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Game: Waterstorm

Now it works

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It works again

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Game: Waterstorm

Ok, I've written email to Rarebyte, let's see if they'll fix it

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The website is down!
uffff :(

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Game: Gondola

I have been playing Gondola once in a while for some time now.

The game engine and mechanics are mature, and perfectly usable, but the game needs some more work.

The GUI, the amount of maps, the goals for each map and a tutorial needing the most attention.

still, an original idea quite well implemented

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Forum topic: Misiing game: Gondola

Done. Don't forget to rate & comment it