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I have played whole demo (6 large levels), took me few hours. It was nicely spent time, if you like platformers you will like it. Graphics looks bad, but I got used to it after while because gameplay is fine. I didn't like that you get killed right away if you touch enemy, but on the other hand you can save anywhere.

Looks promising, too bad its not freeware and you have to buy rest of levels.

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Finally, finished it. Excellent, hard to believe it's being made by 4chan enthusiasts, because it plays better than many commercial VN's (although some things in my opinion could be made better though). If the full version will be as good as Act1, I'll definitely include it in my personal top 10.
I wasn't sure what to give it - 8 or 9 stars, but finally I've decided to give 9. This is noncommercial game after all.

If you do like Visual Novels, don't miss this one.

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now fixed.

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problem confirmd, gonna investigate later today. I think it has something to do with incorrect html-comments in the template.

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I've only played through the short Earth vs. Minbari campaign but the game looks great so far. They even did voices for briefings and in-flight chat between the pilots which greatly adds to the atmosphere.

If you like space pew-pew games and know the TV show you should defininitely try this.

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Game: Neverball

Like it. You 'bend the world' with your arrow keys, and ball rolls the way you bend it. Fun to play, definitely addictive for me. Now playing set of "Mehdi's levels", those are hard as hell.

Nice little arcade with prety graphics. I do not recommend for nervous types, ball just falls off the ledge quite often no matter how much you try :) Its just hard.

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Game: Altitude

I bought this game for $2 on Steam. I ended up buying the game as a gift for 5 of my friends. Its a blast and was a real surprise.