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Removed the second link; Problem with the first link may be caused by the server, which looks down at the moment I'm writing this comment. Let's see if it will work when the server goes up.

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I have tried both links, but one is dead, and the other one does not work

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Strange indeed, it seams that the Go Ollie! page was not indexed. I havn't noticed anything like that before, maybe its the case for other pages too.

EDIT: Rebuilding the search index did help.

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For some reason search phrase 'ollie' does not find "Go Ollie!" game

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If my sources are correct, this game started out on /a/
I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only is it an engaging game, but it also uses renpy.

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Game: Freedoom

That is strange, if you install freedoom for debian, prboom and timidity are dependencies and are installed with freedoom. I would have expected the same for ubuntu.
Anyway, prboom seems to be the right choice.

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Game: Freedoom


So, the single-click-install-for-ubuntu installs 'freedoom' project, but that is only a WAD data file. How to play that ? What to install next to play it ? Recommended are 'prboom' or 'doom-engine', but which to use ?

So I installed 'prboom', and now it looks better, that's something that can be played. So I run it and get hangup in few seconds. What now ? So I google for solution, and I find that on Ubuntu Hardy it just happends. One fix is to install 'timidity' MIDI music package, other is to play without sounds with "prboom -nosound". ( )

This should be added to installation information.

Which doom engine do you use ? prboom or something else ?

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Game: Jewel Twist

;) Well, the term PC doesn't refer to a Windows PC only, but is rather a description of the hardware than the operating system. We just assume its a windows PC and in most cases we are right ;) But in this case the terms Mac and PC are misleading and it should rather reference the OS than the Hardware. Changed.