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Game: Waterstorm

their server seems to be down, my download always times out

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Game: Mystic Mine

I have played demo and it looks promising. Arcade mode is nice, game is good, challenging. Demo contains only like 10 levels so it won't last for long.

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Game: Gish

I have played demo and I enjoyed it. Platformer with lots of new character features and nice physics. I recommend to play !

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Eh, game was not playable for me at all.
When I tried to play it on my Ubuntu 8.04 it was running like 3 frames per second. Not possible.

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Thanks for adding the FreeGamer feed to the site, I think the users will find it useful, and definitely a good source for games to add to LGDB :)

I'll see if I can get one of the FreeGamer guys to do a linkback or some kind of feature on the blog to say thanks.

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As I understand, screenshots on the Regnum website are still outdated (sorry, I'm not Regnum player, so I'm not sure). For now, I've just added few more screens and new tech-video; will update screens later.

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Regnum has had a recent update on graphics.

It looks so much nicer now

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Forum topic: Typo bug

got it right now, thanks.