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The website is down!
uffff :(

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Game: Gondola

I have been playing Gondola once in a while for some time now.

The game engine and mechanics are mature, and perfectly usable, but the game needs some more work.

The GUI, the amount of maps, the goals for each map and a tutorial needing the most attention.

still, an original idea quite well implemented

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Forum topic: Misiing game: Gondola

Done. Don't forget to rate & comment it

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Forum topic: Misiing game: Gondola

Ok, I'll add it

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Game: Apocalypso

I have downloaded the game, tried to play it but its not playable for me on my XUbuntu 8.04. After running I see intro advert screens, and when I get to 'main screen' game gets stuck. I can't do anything, I don't see any menu, I can't even quit it.

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We already improved our install setup after getting some critism at the start. Please redownload the source. If it does not work after that, post some question on our forum please. We are keen on getting this issues fixed, but we need some feedback.
For Ubuntu 10 several users were succesful using apt-get for everything except RakNet 2.x .

Greetz, Lastmerlin (Summoning Wars project lead)

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Forum topic: Misiing game: Gondola

The game is in a usable state, and is quite cool.

It is very limited as it is, but playable, and actually fun.

It is your choice anyway

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Forum topic: Misiing game: Gondola

Ok, this game is missing, but the comment from the homepage doesn't sound to promising:

"As it stands Gondola a fun tech demo; playable but not really a completed game. I think it has the potential to be a full game but I lack the time and inspiration to put in the work needed."

So i would rather not add it.