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Tool: Phoenix

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Forum topic: Poor game

We know we have performance problems, and for these reasons, we always advise players to play with a low population cap (certainly don't allow 1000+ units for the AI), and to play in an open style (use an open map and don't block off the AI with walls).

We're trying to fix these performance problems, but I doubt we will ever be able to support such a high population count.

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Most people probably just see this as a plain old boring database.

I doubt anyone would take action to fix a problem like this until it's too late and everything been deleted by some troll.

It been years since the last site news and the game news seem to have stopped a month ago.

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I agree, this is needed badly. A lot of games have been falsely labelled as “roguelike” which is very different.
(and no, it's not just “procedurally generted” and “permadeath”. look it up)

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You have a good point, along with being turn based Rogue-like's are also randomly generated. Instead of the pre-designed maps that come with games like Diablo and most other Hack and Slash games

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Forum topic: Double entry (sorry)

no problem, I merged them

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Forum topic: Can't find download


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Forum topic: Can't find download