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Most people probably just see this as a plain old boring database.

I doubt anyone would take action to fix a problem like this until it's too late and everything been deleted by some troll.

It been years since the last site news and the game news seem to have stopped a month ago.

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I agree, this is needed badly. A lot of games have been falsely labelled as “roguelike” which is very different.
(and no, it's not just “procedurally generted” and “permadeath”. look it up)

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You have a good point, along with being turn based Rogue-like's are also randomly generated. Instead of the pre-designed maps that come with games like Diablo and most other Hack and Slash games

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Forum topic: Double entry (sorry)

no problem, I merged them

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Forum topic: Can't find download
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Any registered user is able to add and edit games:

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Forum topic: wtf

while the game indeed uses AGS it uses a modified engine.
the demo and the game probably too will not run on the engine available at github.