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Forum topic: wtf

@ssf, unless I miss it, the website and gogs + steam doesn't say the game use AGS.

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Forum topic: wtf
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you could try the low res & free AGS edition of chapter 1:

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Forum topic: Not open source
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Forum topic: Option to scrape Steam

This would be as easy as checking the directories in the steamapps directory. However I am sure lgdb staff does not have the resources to develop this. If you are interested though I'd love to help you plan and test this software.

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Forum topic: Solid game

you dont need wine you can extract GOG installers with .

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It is not harsh, this is just how “open source” is defined.
Read the definition of “open source”:
CC-Whatever-NC is in clear violation of condition 1 “Free Distribution”, sorry.

LGDB should not redefine the meaning of “open source”.