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@Wuzzy well pointed/clarified, indeed, I should have specified better!
I missused "genre"...
I was actually thinking about Modes and Themes!

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If you want to suggest more genres, you should also give a clear description what those genres mean. Otherwise people are just attaching those genres at will without knowing what they are doing.

BTW, it looks like there is not survival genre/subgenre, only survival as a game mode which means “survival mode” as in

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are there so many WinterLand or wilderness games that we need an extra tag? Overall its just a sandbox game

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yes, it should be combined with "simulation" or "realism simulation"
minecraft would be "survival" "zombie" but not "realism simulation"
Also, we should have "wilderness" tag.

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This list is not really needed. You can get all such games if you just go on “All Games” and set the license filter to “Open Source”.

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the main issue is that the survival tag sucks: eg:

silent hill/resident evil --> survival yes
any shmup --> survival yes
aaa...aaafortheawesome --> survival yes
minecraftlike sandbox games --> survival yes

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>All in all, we really need an "Open source with nonfree assets" category for such cases...

why? firstly we post games here, engines aren't games so an open engine without the game data is almost useless.

you can also state in the description that the engine is open source. and if the engine is used more widely you can add them to the engines section.

>C-Dogs SDL.. ...Tales of Maj'Eyal...

thanx i fixed them.

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For example C-Dogs SDL linked above is tagged as Open source even though its assets are derived from Freeware assets (with the authorization of the original author AFAIK, but no license).

Same story for Tales of Maj'Eyal which uses nonfree Shockbolt sprites, but is also tagged as Open source. So I believe Witch Blast should get the same honor :)