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Forum topic: Solid game

you dont need wine you can extract GOG installers with .

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It is not harsh, this is just how “open source” is defined.
Read the definition of “open source”:
CC-Whatever-NC is in clear violation of condition 1 “Free Distribution”, sorry.

LGDB should not redefine the meaning of “open source”.

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so basically "RealismSimulation", would just be these categories:
Genre: Simulation
Theme: Present (or older one, like Medieval)

I think this topic can be closed.

Now, I believe it would be interesting just a new category called Ambientation, with:
WinterLand (the long dark)
PS.: I will create a completely different topic with this.

EDIT: we can already suggest the apply of categories in the comments.. duh me...

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Is this just like Theme? may be theme could be increased then?
EDIT: updated topic

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@Wuzzy well pointed/clarified, indeed, I should have specified better!
I missused "genre"...
I was actually thinking about Modes and Themes!

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If you want to suggest more genres, you should also give a clear description what those genres mean. Otherwise people are just attaching those genres at will without knowing what they are doing.

BTW, it looks like there is not survival genre/subgenre, only survival as a game mode which means “survival mode” as in

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are there so many WinterLand or wilderness games that we need an extra tag? Overall its just a sandbox game