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It is now possible for everyone to edit engine pages. Please test.

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Forum topic: [closed] Badges

Alright I got it. Issue closed.

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Forum topic: [closed] Badges

In the end its pheonton decision

>Badges don't make sense if you don't want the additional traffic.

for me it doesnt make much sense since

  • If you already on the games homepage you don't need to find the game anymore(keep in mind this is a database so its primary goal is to let people find games for linux)
  • Everybody can link to its gamepage but why would someone does it? you find probably more info on the games homepage than on its lgdb gamepage.
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Forum topic: Runs too fast

Seems like it is like this on every machine. I'd say there is not really a game here since it is impossible to interact reasonable with the gaming environment.

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Forum topic: [closed] Badges

I thought would like to get linked from other Websites. But you are right. Badges don't make sense if you don't want the additional traffic.

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Emulator: MAME

On GNU/Linux this has several hoops for you to jump through and they are burning. Worst of them is the bad documentation.

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Forum topic: [closed] Badges

Visit on lgdb" or a badge that displays the lgdb rank like "5 of 3000 on lgdb"?

>not sure why this should make sense also voting/ranking/ppl is probably bad since its just to easy to modificate.

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>>- Will be great to have a "First Release" field for all games.

I personally don't use the release field anymore since the most games stay up-to-date due package managers, integrated updaters or clients like steam

>>- A field for filter "Indie" game would be nice too, to see only big commercial...

also you can hide opensource games I don't think we need more categories

>>Auto import for all Steam Games will be nice. Steam got a API, and import all database will be easier than type all games.

not sure, for me steam games are still not linux games since you always need the client.

secondly, If you use steam you need no gamedb since you are browsing the steam shop.

>>And posibility to edit Game engine.

Of course.

>> who isn't a game replacement

there are many AGS games that are windows only so i would consider it a replacement engine

cheers, (=