A bunch of FOSS games

I am too lazy to add the games by myself, so here is a list of FOSS games which should be added:

First Person Shooter:

  • Aleph One: Marathon
  • Aleph One: Marathon 2
  • Aleph One: Infinity
  • (a couple of other Aleph One-based games)

Multiplayer Arcade:

  • Liquid War 5


  • xscorch


  • Blockout II
  • Not Pacman (done)
  • Freedroid (a.k.a. Freedroid Classic)


  • Tux Football
  • Bolzplatz 2006 (done, named “Slam Soccer 2006” in database, which is also the correct name)

Card games:

  • PySolFC


  • Python Kye
  • Chroma (done)
  • JSoko

old-scool Scrolling shooter:


  • Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (done)
  • Zangband

Maybe I am going to add some of these games by myself, anyways. So this topic is partly my personal TODO list. ;-)

You find more finished FOSS games on here, but most of them are already in the LGBD.


i wanted to add aleph one years ago ;) but it was so complicated to understand the differences between the game versions. There is no game aleph one right? instead the game is called Marathon, Marathon2 and Marathon Infinity.

It's like Spring with a couple of total conversion(that's what I would tag them because you'll always need to download the engine and the content)

Aleph One is not a game, it's a game engine.

And it's run the 3 marathon games.

OK, I have updated my post accordingly.