ChaosEsque Release 54

There are now over 72 weapons, thus code has been reworked to
allow up to 24*4 weapons (96). (items.qh code in qcsrc/common)
New weapons: War Mallet, Japanese Mallet (making 74 weapons total).

Caltrop secondary now is more useful: drops many caltrops (10 to 15).
(old secondary which threw them like darts can be enabled via cvar if desired)

Added: AT mines
Landmines and AT mines can be placed by hand. AT mines create large explosion.
If a player has landmines and the minelayer weapon (throws mines), and
has no ammo, the minelayer weapon will use the placable landmines as ammunition.

If the player has the minelayer weapon equipped while placing the small landmines
by hand (via the toss grenade button (G) after selecting a grenade (v)
those landmines will be remotely detonatbale by pressing the minelayer secondary.
Otherwise they will not be (this is intentional and required more code to
set up).

Mines (landmines / AT mines / mines layed by minelayer weapon) can now be buried if
placed on dirt, snow, grass, etc via the bury command.

Check out create>startweapons button to set what mines/grenades/etc you start

Bot now have a _mele weapon priority list, in addition to the normal _far, _mid, _close
Thus they know when not to use a bow but use a cudgel instead.

Be sure to check out the (;) and (L) keys when aiming (center aim, tip gun to side)
(Commands: altaim, shootfromside).

An additional buildable medeval door has been added for the multitool.



Note: If you have a recent version (53 etc) and just want to update the code
a contributor has uploaded those files, additionally, seperatly.

You can place the following files in the directory XonoticChaosEsque/data/
replacing the older versions of these 2 files:

(There are also git repos available)

For anyone that wants an update between versions, a contributor has uploaded the files you need.

Here is a latest code update where the bots now know about grenades etc: they will throw grenades, flashbangs, smokegrenades, place landmines and ATmines, and also bury mines (if they can (if a mine in on ground, grass, snow, sand, dirt, etc it can be buried with the bury command))

Makes the game more fun :D

And hard to assault a base.
Flashbangs really blind you blanca for awhile.

These files go in the directory:



(You may also wish to get these small files which are seldom updated aswell:)