MultiTool/UtiliTool Buildable Buildings System Info

MultiTool/UtiliTool Buildable Buildings System:

The multitool and utilitool are weapons you use to build buildings
in the game in a way similar to an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game.

You can set for them to be eqquiped at game start using the mutators
or startweapons menus under the multiplayer>create settings.

(If you want buildings to cost nothing to build and/or be built with one
or 2 swings of a hammer:
If you don't want to have to build a garrison, set freebuild to 1.
You can also mouse over the buttons for more info)

While holding the Multitool or Utilitool:
(You;ll see the number on the side, often you need converted + regular ammo)
Converting Ammo into Resources:

R+E (loads nails)
R+SHIFT (loads rockets)
R+F (loads cells)

Mouse2 = change building scaffold up
Mouse2+Shift = change building scaffold down
Mouse1 = build scaffold

Then either hit the scaffold with warhammer, kiduchi, or multitool/utilitool
set to no building scaffold

Usually you have to build a garrison/commandpost first, unless
you are near your flag/etc base.

There are extended commands in the console you can do when holding the tool
Press ~ to open the console. The command is multitool, you can change many settings.
The most important are blocktype. If you set this (toggle by: multitool blocktype)
you will beable to build buildings ontop of buildings. By default it is off.
"multitool lockz" and friends are the next important. This lockz (or unlocks)
to the last scaffold you built. You can also lockz to yourself where you
are standing, a floor you built, or a building you are standing on, using
different commands. This allows you to have greater control over your building,
say if you are buildign using vaults, interior doors, etc.

wallshift shifts the grid by 1/2 so you can make more interesting things
with vaults etc. wallsnap reduces the snap grid by 1/2

Usage:cmd multitool blocktype
Usage:cmd multitool placetype
Usage:cmd multitool buildingsnap
Usage:cmd multitool wallsnap
Usage:cmd multitool wallshift
Usage:cmd multitool vaultwings
Usage:cmd multitool lockz
Usage:cmd multitool lockz2me
Usage:cmd multitool lockz2building
Usage:cmd multitool lockzplus64 [optional multiplier]
Usage:cmd multitool lockzminus64 [optional multiplier]
Usage:cmd multitool setlockzmanually [number]
Usage:cmd multitool lockzprev
Usage:cmd multitool flipblock
Usage:cmd multitool select [block|wall|foundation|bridge|turret|building|floor|obstruction|none]
Usage:cmd multitool select block [filled|corrugated|shingles|curtain|castle|polish|hedge|graystone|sandstone|marble|wood1|wood2]
Usage:cmd multitool select wall [hedge|brick|palisade|roman|berm|curtain|castle|polish]
Usage:cmd multitool select floor [wood|tile|stone|granite|marble|romanmarble]
Usage:cmd multitool roofblockcolor [color or 0 to 17]
Usage:cmd multitool castleblockcolor [color or 0 to 7]
Usage:cmd multitool sandstoneblockcolor [color or 0 to 5]
Usage:cmd multitool marbleblockcolor [color or 0 to 22]
Usage:cmd multitool woodblockcolor [color or 0 to 17]
Usage:cmd multitool frlock
Usage:cmd multitool frlock2me
Usage:cmd multitool frlock2floor
Usage:cmd multitool doorcenter
Usage:cmd multitool furndrop

"multitool select" Is also important for moving around the things you can build list quickly
multitool select building
multitool select block door
multitool select block castle
multitool select none
multitool select floor marble
multitool select wall castle

Are all commonly in use.
The utilitool has it's own specific walls and blocks

If the spot you're trying to build on is too small, or you are trying to build ontop of a building without "multitool blocktype" set, you'll read an error at the top of your screen explaining this.