NaCl games

Since I hate to discuss something in a chat. Whats your opinion? Should we keep them or remove them?

You can either see them as browser games so we should remove them,
or you could say that Chrome is a digital distribution service like steam (you can also buy games on the Webstore like Bastion) and there are some differences to other browser extensions/plugins or whatever you call them:

  • NaCl is open source so every browser can include it
  • like steam games, it requires a client(usually a browser with nacl support) and allows to run apps/games like real applications (--app command)
  • it will run on more platforms than steam, desura and co. eg: ARM
  • many apps/games can be used offline
  • It includes freedesktop support eg: menu entries

Also I started a Poll - lets see what happens in two weeks:

Affected Games


These are really browser games. NaCl is meant for browsers to run native code, not for operating systems (like Linux) to run them directly. So one might call them Chrome platform games, not Linux games.

They are exclusively available in the Chrome web store and cannot be played in other browsers. I don't see any other browsers adopting NaCl either since Firefox went with OdinMonkey.

It is also worth noting that none of those games are available native on any GNU/Linux platform.

Hi guys

I've noticed there were many debates raised recently regarding game inclusion/exclusion policy, so I think I can bring my 5 cents.
First of all, I would like to remind anyone few things:

  • This is not the first time such discussions appear.
  • Each time most people agreed that LGDB has no 100% strict inclusion/exclusion policy.
  • By examining those games already included in LGDB, other Linux gaming related websites, blogs, etc. it seems to be practically impossible to create such policy, which would allow to easily determine what needs to be included and what not (and make people happy at the same time).
  • Hence, currently games are included according to some "general" guidelines, with exceptions being made for particular games.
  • The ideas behind submission guidelines can be described as: do not flood the database with unrelated, poor quality games that has nothing to do with Linux (99% Flash & browser games); support Linux friendly developers; popularise Linux as a platform (make exceptions for good quality games, even if they are not really native); give people stuff they want to see here; popularise FOSS games and technologies. In other words, support Linux (hence, some "political" decisions can be made).
  • If I remember correctly, we've also agreed to avoid where possible exclusion of those games that were added to DB (relatively) long time ago.

Regarding NaCl games - I'm not really fan of these (this is subjective opinion), but if they are already here, then we can go with this. Just keep the quality to be decent.

Thanks, for the clarification, 100% agreed. You point the results of our last discussions out in a very comprehensive form. i think we can include that in our submission guidelines.

A little bit more specific for the NaCl discussion:
Not all NaCl games run on Linux and if the developer advertises Linux or a Linux distribution (e.g. Ubuntu) Point 5 of Curly Braces posts gets applied:
Simple => NO
Cool => GO
(please, forgive my simplistic view)