"Play video" icon causing selectability problems

I didn't notice anyone else creating a topic for this, so it may be an issue on my end. In order for me to open a video for a given game entry, I have to click within the upper third or the lower third of the video's thumbnail. That is, I can't click anywhere on a thumbnail that is meant to start a Youtube video - only the lower third of that thumbnail is selectable. There's no issue with screenshot thumbnails, however.

I think the issue, if it's on the website's side, is to do with the icon that appears atop every video thumbnail - the triangular "play" icon. There's probably a way to make the icon cursor-transparent (if you will) such that the browser will ignore it. Or it could be given the same link HREF as the underlying image.


Fedora 20
Firefox 31 and Arora 0.11.0


Same problem here. Conkeror 1.0 Xul 30

should be fixed now, please verify. thanks.