Truly innovative


Thanks for this addition/addiction (don’t know the right word yet :D) of this little gem! I like innovations like this and I always loved those drawings from M.C.Escher. For a rogue-like, the rules are simple but this is offset by this strange geometry and the worlds. The strangest of all worlds is the “Livining Caves” worlds, a cave which is some sort of cellular automaton. Very cool! My favorite of all is “Crossroads”, a neverending branching road which runs between a theoretically infinite amount of other worlds, and despite its name, the walls never cross (well, except for bug cases, *ahem*, *ahem* …).
Actually, the concept of non-Euclidian geometry is nothing new but it’s probably very new in computer games. At least to me.

Be warned that you may feel nauseaus after playing this game, at least if you do not turn animations off. :D

For the record: I managed to collect an orb of Yendor and my highscore is 220 $$$. There is probably not anything new to discover after you managed to collect an orb of Yendor, but it’s still challenging to aim for the high score, since more and more monsters appear if you continiue collecting treasures.