Release 66:
New Weapon: Shiningstar mace (all metal spiked mace, lighter but longer spikes)
New Creature: Seraph (Angel). Hates undead and demons, will seek the out and kill them
New Capabilities: Ability to set foliage, creatures, buildings to one side of the map (base) in team games that have bases.
+Various bugfixes etc.

Size and md5sum output: (I don't think any is cut off, if a digit is it's
cut off at the beginning (c25) etc)
4667584512 Oct 1 06:43 XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL66.iso
c25aa26b4a2bf9fcbb8a61cf792c42ea XonoticChaosEsqueAnthologyREL66.iso