Version 0.597 is out , everyone gets ONE MORE FREE MONTH

Again, everyone who registered for a free trial before GETS TOPPED UP WITH 1 MONTH OF FREE GAME TIME!
So come again, play and check out what is new in the game!

Some videos of important new features:

What's new?

User Rights on Servers: New users who enter a server are automatically a guest, and can not interact with the world. The Server Owner or Admin can change a User from Guest to Normal User by using the TAB-key. Click here for an example movie.

Functional blocks and Signal Lines: can be used with switches, pressure plates, buttons, lights, doors etc.). Use F2 to enable/disable editing of Signal Lines. Click here for an example movie.

Many new blocks and constructions: Uranium ore added to the world, various kinds of smoke emitters and chimneys added for visual effects, power cut off terminal block for the main powersystem, doors (normal, sliding, elevator and shutter) and rubble when blocks hits the ground at high speed.

Player Ranking and Achivement system: Press K to see your current ranking and the entire list of tasks. Ranking ONLY increases in Survival Mode!

Model functions: more modelling functions added. To use 'Take Construction', point at the construction and hit 'Delete' key.

Spawnpoints list: Spawnpoint teleport. Press O to see the overview of spawnpoints (not for Survival).

Big City: Many new buildings for the autogenerated big city. The Nuclear powerplant now powers the entire city via a network of powerlines and transformers. Click here for a walk around at the Nuclear Powerplant. You can also build a Nuclear Reactor yourself, Click here for a demonstration movie, or even a Tactical Nuke.

Full speed gravity (v2.0): gravity has been updated to make blocks fall smoohtly and turn blocks into rubble when they hit ground at high speed. Click here for an example movie.

Many bugfixes: Now also works on Windows 8 64bit with Intel HD GPU.

Always remember F1 for help.