Another game that doesn't run on AMD64

It requires Glew 32 bit to run, as it cannot find Glew normally installed and gives a "wrong ELFclass" error is symbolic link is added.


then we would need a pocketpc, arm, mips, sparc, whatever tag...

try something like this:

mkdir -p /tmp/glew32 && cd /tmp/glew32
wget -c -O /tmp/glew32/glew32.deb
ar p glew32.deb data.tar.gz | tar zx
mv usr/lib/* $YOURGAMEPATH/lib

I have already got installed in /usr/lib/ , I am afraid this will cause a mess with that

Also, the game seems to be looking for libglew in /usr/lib32. (I get the wrong ELFclass error after linking "ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib32/")

because you linked the 64Bit build, remove your link and try the solution from above.