Changelogs for game updates

Title is self explanatory really


i know, thats so much more work but is it really so much more use full? some changelogs are in packages, some are in forums...
if we have a rss feed of a developer a link to the release announcement is usually available on the game page under news.
after all i think its to much hassle compared to the benefit. but with everything it depends on the manpower. ;)

You can just as well say "it's more work to include game info, it should be on the game's site or package" and it would be the same argument.

When I hear that a game is updated, for it to be useful I need to actually know what has changed. Otherwise, if I read the LGDB identica feed or whatever, and see that there is a game update, I can just as well go to Google and search for it, rather than going to LGDB, looking for the game link, going to the site, and then looking for their news release.

When someone -reports- the update, they should give an overview of the update, they can even copy and paste it.

Linux Game Tome does this, and it is a /very/ useful feature, having a central place to see how games are progressing

mhm, don't get me wrong, i totally see the benefit. At the moment, we are trying hard to keep up with the updates and i don't see that we have the spare time to post the changelogs.

What about just a link to the changelogs?

we currently test the possibility to provide changelogs, check out some of the newly updated games, e.g. warsow.
there is also a link on the frontpage to the changlogs.