Should not all these expansions for DROD go in the same entry? Essentially it is one game with different campaigns. Why we should have separate entries for each campaign? For example, when I submitted Ohrrpgce, I made one entry for the engine and all ames based on it. What would be if I created separate pages for all those games? But the DROD entries even do not differ between themselves in appearance and gameplay, umlike Ohrrpgce variants.


different because

DROD: Architects' Edition - is open source and free

DROD RPG: Tendry's Tale - adds/contains several RPG elements

DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold
DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon
DROD: The City Beneath

- of course, they use the same engine but they have different content and you have to purchase them separately

see also: Tiny & Big

I don't think we should add a separate entry for any paid addon or map pack.

these are different games(sequels) no addons

anyway!, let's see what pheonton, tuxplayer etc. thinks.

IMHO: Each episode can have its own page, but where does it end? What if there will be 5 more levelpacks/episodes?

Therefore I think I must agree with Anixx. Yes, they are different games which must be downloaded separately, but from what I've read the different episodes are not that different and could be all mentioned on one page.

Also if you look now at one DROD game/episode in the LGDB, the other episodes are not mentioned (yet?).

They're different games. Both Journey to Rooted Hold and The City Beneath have features the previous games didn't have in addition to the new content (new monsters, tile types, scripting features, etc), and RPG is completely different. King Dugan's Dungeon uses the same engine as Journey to Rooted Hold though.

Btw, you've got most of the games listed as closed source, which is wrong. They're all open source (MPL license). Journey to Rooted Hold, The City Beneath and RPG are commercial, but still open source -- you just pay for media/content. The source is available on Caravel's forums.