Game Making tools

I'd like to see section for game making tools for Linux. I don't mean things like pyGame/L.O.V.E where you need to write everything by yourself, but rather things like MMF/The Games Factory/Klik'n'Play/Construct/etc. which runs on Linux natively.


You can just do modification then...

Maybe we could add a category to tools like.. "Game maker" ?

But how many game makers have Linux versions? So far I only found Stencyl, which creates flash games..

If I understand you correctly, then you can add them to "Tools" ( section (see for example). Of course we could add separate section "Game Making tools", but I think there aren't too much of such a tools currently.
However, what we can do is to add "Game Making" category within "Tools" (now game making stuff goes under Miscellaneous category). Let's see what pheonton thinks.

how can i disagree with a cute girl? ^^
A category "Game making" under tools is my preferred option.

but as darkhog said this is not for engines, if we want to list engines, we will definitely create a completely new category.

Yeah, Game Making section on Tools page seems fair to me. And while I know of Stencyl, and even make game with it, still looking for better tools which aren't limited, but also don't force using code (while you can use it, if you prefer).

I suppose Scratch which is listed here would fit there as well, but it is a toy compared to Stencyl (even don't have proper animation handler). I could even bend this for Game Editor thingy (but frankly - it is failure for at least two reasons: 1) one space for whole game, it doesn't accept idea of levels/scenes/whatever you call it, 2) it is hard to learn and "clicking" interface is severily limited).