A MOD Section?

I think it would be nice to have one, mainly for total conversions, here a few examples:

Out of Hell for ut2k4
Hexen: Edge Of Chaos for doom3
The Dark Mod for doom3
Tribal Wars for etqw
all (non-standalone) spring mods: 1944, Zero-K, ...
all (non-standalone) fs2 mods, etc.


At the moment we add spring mods as seperate games cause spring it self is only the engine, some goes for fs2.

i'm ok if we add total conversions as separate game entries.

ok, I suggest a MOD tag

ok, i added Total conversion. Smaller mods should not be listed....

Thanx for the games list,
Some of these look really good, I am already downloading 80)

Upon the time, I have to say: it should be up to the authors to decide wether its mod or game. Total Conversion is another matter though.

I was very active in Zero-K, and blow those called ZK a mod. And submit 2 times in Springlobby bug tracker to ask for the "mod" change to "game".

As spring is engine only, and Conflict Terra, Kernel Panic, Spring 1944, Gundam RTS have no relationship with original Total Annihlation. They should not get tags of "mod" or "total conversion".

For those complain about engine / game seperate. Do you conplain about GTK seperate from GIMP´╝č

see description on Wikipedia:

Mod or modification is a term generally applied to personal computer games (PC games), especially first-person shooters, role-playing games and real-time strategy games. Mods are made by the general public or a developer, and can be entirely new games in themselves, but mods are not standalone software and require the user to have the original release in order to run.

for example the windows release of Gundam RTS isn't a mod, because it includes the spring engine

I don't think the wikipedia article writers ever consider Open source game that people make Engine only and game made by others. And distribute sepeartely. There isn't original game here, no rules from Wikipedia apply as the article do not stand for explaining springrts under linux.

Spring was originally developed as a foss replacement to the TA engine, so yes, there is an original game.
If the ioquake engine wasn't opensourced, and someone wrote a foss replacement the situation would be the same.

In the end this is a pointless complaint, as this is the best way to deal with such games, and you aren't even offering an alternative.

Ok, only the first game come from an Engine is a game, all rest are mods/ total conversion.