Pissed Off Penguins

I'm working on this project and only have 7 days left to reach my goal on kickstarter
About this project

Pissed Off Penguins (POP) is a Free and Open Source Project (GPL). It is a 2D Angry Birds Style Game created using the Blender 2.6 Game Engine. Not only will users have access to all the code for the project, But every step in the creation of the Game will be recorded. So you can see the whole process, beginning to end. Allowing you to see the thought process in creating the game, as well as all the mistakes and changes along the way.

The Blender Game Engine was chosen for this project because of it's advanced physics engine and ease of use for new comers to game design.

It is my hopes that this project not only is fun for people to play with, but it is an inspiration to them to create their own FOSS games.

Kris Occhipinti (metalx1000)