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An anime life simulation with space, comedy, mystery and rpg components, being developed almost solely by a single person. Create your alter-ego, take decisions which will shape him, grow and adventure through the universe.

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Hello once more, here is this month status report:

Questverse audience keep growing slowly, already being into an acceptable range, but I believe which the publicize step of the game already passed some time ago; after studying in theory and pratice how a kickstarter works, I'm now focused in first finishing the game and only later doing additional publicizing; I noticed one thing is having a faithfull audience, other is to convice them to finance your project. I will update this topic at a monthly cycle, from the last month to the current one I started to show some 3D game characters, I made some changes to the promo video(as usual), textured, and showed a little about how the game dialogue system will look like. If you want to check it out, visit

We will meet again at the next month report, follow the above site for the most current updates.

Here is this month status report.

This month I learned a bit about SEO(Search Engine Optimization), improved the character creation scene, did public votation polls to verify on your opinion, gathered hardware specifications and showed two charts with technical details about the game. The dialogue and enviroment interaction system implementation are close of being done, even more taking in account I do not play any games anymore(I just work on my game now up to next october). Check it out at for more details about what was talked about. You can also participate on the votation polls there or follow one of the game social network profiles. Thank you very much.

Until the next report friends

Hello friends, here is this month report:

Taking in account which the time to work on the true gameplay has arrived(from today or tomorrow on), this month I studied about how to create semi-automatized and better armatures, and I already implemented the possibility to equip objects on any bone of the character body; I also switched from ubuntu to Xubuntu, used more effects at my work in progress game trailer and other small things. If you want images, videos and details, check

Thanks, and until next time!

There was no monthly report on december, as that month, as expected, was busy for me; I also didn't created new content, only improved what already existed for the game.

It isn't a monthy report already, but I bring you this time the first steps of the game Intro video, for those who like to see the earlier development of the game components, check it at if you're interested.

I'm aiming to have something playable this month(since I hadn't time on december); but even so, it will not mean much while I cannot personally talk with the creator of BBPlayer, my friend DeltaSpeeds; as it is of knowledge of those who manage to come far enough with their games(using BGE), it allow protection of the game assets(graphics, sounds, etc), selectively allowing acess to the desired parts of it only. It is also a kind of end user executable with a friendlier license.

So... that is all for now friends! Until the next post and thanks for your visit.

Hello space aadventurers, this is the report from november up to the current month(just ignore depending on the forum repeated content from previous reports):

Some may ask themselves why I hadn't shown the game demo on december or january as promised, well, at december I hadn't much time(christmas), now for january, around day 20 I already had the playable demo, but only for blenderplayer; so, I'm waiting to do the right thing, which was talking to BPPlayer creator(besides power shortages and others here) and requested some criptographic changes to its system, some of the improvements were already finished, but others still remain, which may take from 1 to 2 weeks. Important note, the demo I have should work only on linux, windows versions will follow, as for the mac OS version, the knowledge which the mac BGE has many more bugs than the others makes me think on dropping mac support, although I would like to have it. Burster is out of cogitation.

Due to my desire of already present a demo, I applied my efforts on improving what the game already had instead of new content, I know I said I would already work on the game first quest, but nothing matches a good ol demo. I tested and retested the rest though, and now I really will start working on the first Quest(currently on teh space map, which comes right before it). The initial setup, logo, title, main menu, character creation, intro and space map scenes are already stable; except at the character creation, were I found a nasty bug on blenderplayer itself and alrady reported it to someone who can make use of that to fix the issue, I already included a temporary workaround for that at that scene.

I decided to create my own version of the gui module with my improvements, using the original bgui module as base, which I called lgui(lunarts gui) to avoid confusions with the original bgui; I created a word processor for subtitle .srt and txt files for my game, changed the game site, added special thanks, created a window constructor which use only 8 small .pngs; now testing the game with the external blenderplayer instead of the built-in one, started to use a software for 2D animations; showed the work in progress intro video; changed the game minimum resolution to 1280x720(it works stretched with 1024x768 too), fited my game to the new BGE async libload; stop using .ogv(too many issues) for videos and am using .webm instead; and now I am using the most current blender and blenderplayer version from svn(the version which works that is) from blender foundation(bleeding edge updates) and much more.

The game now have a manual, which is too in progress, which can be obtained at:

Regarding the campaign end at December, indiegogo taxes plus brazilian government taxes(D=) ate a considerable sum of the campaign amount; so, I recommend to you to choose a minimum value which is still a great amount discounting taxes, choose "funded or give the money back" instead of "Receive all funding" if you start a funding campaign.

That is it for now, thanks and until next time!

Correction to the above two links, testing shows which if you're not a member of IndieDB it can be very difficult to download the game, that is the reason of this correction.

Let me know of issues, suggestions, links state, if it even runs and such.

Report extracted from the game indiedb page

Questverse bimestral report: April 2013 (now with windows support)

Hello once more fellow space adventurers, here I am to bring you a new Questverse report, so, lets see the main things which happened since the last report

So, at my last Questverse report I showed the first demo(pre alpha though) of the project, and the first demo I ever made of a game since 2007(I had 17 years back then), that is a very good, as there is a difference to the 2007 small project, which is the fact Questverse is much more than that previous demo from eons ago(which wasn't serious) was. Interestingly a couple of things from that small, old project(called Bioweapon) made their way into Questverse.

I though the linux version would work well for my fellow game followers, since I tested it before releasing; but I soon discovered bugs which I hadn't anticipated(big thanks to AlexVSharp for telling me one of those), a thing all software developers face sooner or later. The demo was(and is) in a pre alpha state(it is not even a alpha yet or a full game pre alpha), and will remain that way for quite some time still, so that was expected. I soon also released a windows version, first 64 bits, then 32 bits, and also found some bugs, running windows tests with 4 friends helped me to locate and already fix some of those.

Bimestral report April 2

I'm currently porting the most recent changes I made to the linux version of the game to the windows one, so I can hopefully release an update this month for windows(linux already had his); after this I will have to fix just two more bugs on windows, and I will get back to the interesting part of the game(this time permanently) and to fixing non indispensable and non hard to solve bugs.  Needless to say I halted progress on the space map and first quest until I fix those issues, I like to first solve nasty things and only then things I find more interesting.

So basically what happened, from older events to more recent ones were:

  • Adapted my workflow, so it now takes in account my game now has encryption and file packing with tar(with gpgme and libtar).
  • Fixed the game not even starting on linux because the encryption key was missing
  • Fixed missing libraries at linux with static linking(tested only on ubuntu 12.04+,  fully updated)
  • I ceased to compile blender with scons, now I will use only cmake
  • Removed unused libs from the blenderplayer, which reduced the game package size
  • Improved the game bug collector to help myself when solving bugs
  • Ceased to host game downloads on indiedb, I'm now hosting it on the Questverse site. IndieDB had too many issues when used for that
  • I had gone through bat2exe, visual basic and sharpdevelop but settled on c++ and codeblocks for the game exes(both linux and windows), this solved the false virus positives for my game on windows. Codeblocks is a beautiful program and cross-platform, the exes are now smaller, faster and uses the cross compatibility of c++.
  • Learned how to use blender window manager, GHOST(blenderartists Moguri pointed me the name), which only blender uses and more sadly has no documentation or much help on the web about. The game now uses it to handle its window, which allowed me to put icons on the window, disable its maximize and resizing features(you must do that inside the game) to prevent graphics distortion and keeping things cleaner and more good looking.
  • Learned how to compile 32 bits software on a 64 bits, and also learned about the existence of cross-compiling, which I may try in the future to speed development.
  • Improved the process of sending a game release to the site, it is now sent automatically with ncftp(at linux), it will save me time.
  • After the purchase from a ubuntu vostro 3560 laptop(and the use of a clean ubuntu consequentially), I discovered bugs which were happening for everyone else but me(encryption issues, more missing libs and such). I fixed them, but please, let me know if you have problems with the game, otherwise I will find some important bugs the hard way(or may even not find them).
  • The character creation texture garbage on linux caused by the blender game engine was solved thanks mainly to blender bugs Dalai Felinto(for really getting interested in solving this issue I reported and helped upon), but also to Benoit(who actually fixed the issue)
  • The site download area now shows more information about the available game packages(it also update automatically the package update date), and I also fully disabled the site donation area; I think I will no longer use it, I'm now focusing on the game campaign which shall happen at the end of this year to collect some funding(I'm persistent, what can I say), and that is why it will now only show a simple art saying that until then. After that I will just change the area to reflect new yearly campaigns if any.
  • AS always, many small fixes

Bimestral report April 1

That is it space adventurers, visit the site downloads section of the game site at least once a month to check for new releases, as for the windows users, wait just one month or a bit less, I'm almost done with porting the linux updates to the windows version(hopefully). To check further updates visit indiedb for graphical updates(if those happen) and check the game twitter which is to the right of this news article for more detailed and frequent text reports.

Thanks for your visit, I hope to see you again at the next bimestral report, which you're liking the progress on the game and which you can participate on the game development, be it contributing with game testing data, tips, constructive criticism or/and by talking about it with people which may too be interested on it.


Report extracted from the game indieDB profile

Append: Thanks a bunch to indiedb news article revision team, they even took the time to give a better layout to my news article.

I believe it is already time to showcase the current progress on the game; at the last bimestral report I was busy with a lot of bug fixing for the game(both windows and linux), something natural for a pre-alpha(so not even alpha) of a game which was released for the first time.

I'm happy to say which the stage of "monster" bugs, where many of them affected many users and always blocked a part of or even crashed the entire game have already passed, something which involved a lot of work on the game exe, python code and in minor scale, the game site. With this step done I already went back to work in the game art and its interesting part, this time for good(hopefully) instead of worrying about nasty bugs, as only around 4 minor bugs remain(maybe some intermitent ones). Of course I am yet to implement a good resolution switching feature.

I also made some adjustments to my GDD(Game Design Document) of the game I believe were necessary; its base remained unchanged of course. I also modified the art for the default nightking character, as it makes more sense for an older character to go on hairy adventures through the universe. The character creation already had an older character since long ago.

New solarian card

New Nightkin card

Mysterious creature concept

I also had some off-topic issues, I had to change my wifi router and learn how to boost the signal range at my home, not to mention problems with the way I was using the newly released lubuntu 13.04. I corrected the problems(I finally was able to install lubuntu 13.04 on my vostro notebook), but that took time, a time which wasn't used on the game. I made a couple of guides about what I learned on fixing some of the issues as notes to myself but also to help others "in the same boat" I was.

So, in the order of the oldest to the newest, this is what happened:

  • You can now play without the need of the terminal on linux
  • The game started asking for "admin rights" to execute on windows, due to the game use of Gnupg. A request common in some games(which I didn't liked though).
  • I started the process of not using linux specific libraries anymore, because they take a lot of work to be ported to windows(imagine for other platforms). I started looking for multi-platform solutions instead.
  • After plenty of effort libgpgme, libboost and libarchiver got working on windows too
  • Fixed a lot of code bugs on python caused because windows use "\" as path separator instead of "/" like everyone else
  • Wrong text encoding at the intro video on windows corrected
  • The big bug which crashed the character creation right away on windows was solved
  • Ancient bugs were solved, like the one which only closed the game window after the game ended on windows after the mouse moved at least 1 pixel inside the game window.
  • Added new and useful buttons at different parts of the game
  • The game site now automatically detect the size of each game package avaible and shows you that
  • Now the linux version uses dynamic link libraries inside a folder, which should solve many bugs of "missing required library" on linux 12.04 and above.
  • The game site now disable downloads of a given package if it is being updated at that exact moment, which should reduce a lot broken downloads.
  • The build system of the game now can update all the game packages at once, something good, as most of the future game changes will be on the universal python code and game assets.
  • The keyboard works again on windows(except Esc key)
  • The game site now have a navigator icon
  • Added multi-threading support on the game exe, which shall solve the "This application has stopped working" message on windows while it is busy unpacking the game
  • As always many small bug fixes
  • A problem about the new multi-threading on windows was solved
  • Replaced Gnupg and its libraries for my own solution, so the game will no longer require "admin rights" to be played on windows.
  • I no longer support some communities which the game previously used, like tumblt and googleplus
  • I added support for .gz unpacking of the game, which shall come in handy if I need compressed encryption in the future, as I no longe use gnupg. The game folder size decreased due to that
  • I read once more paul schuytema's book to remember some key points of a good game design
  • I stopped saying I will support the Android platform, as this kind of support is planned for a distant future
  • Discovered while testing the game with andrey which the character creation have a ray cast bug
  • I had to cut some game planned functionalities, nothing big
  • I had already defined 6 main npcs for the game beggining
  • I had to in 1 day learn how to use LMMS, since I no longer can use garageband, which was easier and had better quality, but was too restrictive.
  • Created the "generic" music for nightkin gameplay.

For the game first 3 musics(main menu, character creation and space map) I used apple garageband, but since I decided to start using linux notebooks instead(a vostro) I can no longer edit the music I made before on mas OS as I no longer have a mac hardware. Garageband was made to only export the projects to mp3 and its own proprietary format, which means despite the fact I have the garageband projects originals I will have to one day remake them on LMMS(linux multimedia studio), which have a different set of instruments as I cannot open them anymore.

So, using garageband for the first 3 musics was a bad move, the same for using gnupg(since the game also supports windows). I'm already using LMMS now, and you can check the first music I made on it below.

Nightkin WIP music 1 - Indie DB
It may had caught your attention the "6 main npc characters" words, that is correct. I hadn't told you their name nor their details, as I want to keep the "surprise factor". As I said above I also had to do more cuts from my game plans, as it became obvious which in the long run it would become very tiresome to do. The game base remains intact still.

Shemash citizen 3 WIP Shemash citizen 2
Shemash citizen 1 Lunaria citizen 3
Lunaria citizen 2 Lunaria citizen 1
I would like to ask you to choose from the six characters presented 3 of your favorites at the votation
below. For the other 3 I would like you to give me the reasons for why you didn't liked them, even if it is just to say "it was for personal preferences". Participate on the other two votation polls below too if you got the time.

Vote for your 3 favorite main npc characters:

Vote for how much you want to wait for new news articles:

Vote if you want to see more of the creation of the arts and musics, or if you would rather want to see them at least mostly finished right away.
I already asked that in the past, but the votation didn't provided much data becase few voted.

Another thing I'm thinking about is to make a better lunarts logo. The character luna really is the base of all this game making quest, so I guess it will involve her again. More work on the game intro video is scheduled to be done too. There is also something I'm wondering about, and that is the creation of a "game editor" for the game, I'm still studying if raw code and blender viewer isn't enough for that; as usual the game editor would make the creation of levels, quests and such much more graphical, and maybe easier. It would take time to do though.

I also ceased to support some communities where I also posted about my game, because it became obvious the bulk of the game followers were gathered on the remaining ones. I did that so I can pay more attention to the communities which I decided to keep supporting, like indiedb for example.

For those of you who followed the game twitter but left because I didn't followed you back, I must say there is no need to "undo" your follow by that. Not following you back doesn't mean I don't take a look at your twitter sometimes and which I didn't liked it somehow. I just follow close friends and very specific things; it is not only me who do that, many on twitter do, like for example winterwolves games. Please don't force me to follow you back without a really huge interest from my part. For those who undestand that and kept following the game twitter anyway without a "follow back" from me, thanks a lot! Know I visit your twitter's sometimes.

So, that is it; thank you for your visit and until the next report. If you're interested, you can help the game project by talking about it to people who may become interested; not to mention your constructive feedback, participation on the votation polls and bug reports, which are really nice.

Visit indieDB at least once a month for updates(images and musics). For more recent updates(text) and game dev ramblings, visit the game twitter.


Salutations weary traveller...let us discuss this time a bit about, logo creative process, votation polls and much more, please, come in...


Hello space adventurers, here I am again with another report for the ... Questverse project; lets see what interesting things had happened from last month up to the present moment.

Current character creation screenshot

After a couple of months in the future we will be again on December, a month where I will defy luck once more into a kickstater campaign with the goal of financing(at least for now) part of Questverse episode 1. Sadly after a lot of research I discovered which the only place were our beloved game could have a chance of getting funded is, success on sites like indiegogo usually is reserved to games which have an experienced person behind the game, such people(which I hope to be one day) already have:

  • A lot of experience(EXP?) they can use to make a better campaign
  • Fame in game development, which makes their backers feel safer to contribute.
  • Valuable contacts which can open doors for them; once I even saw a campaigner receive 1.000 dollars from a single person, but later I learned he had ties with donation institutions.
  • An already consolidated user base, which they gathered by working with games in a way or another

This creates a cycle on such sites where you need credentials to atract financing, but how can your make your credentials if you're not allowed a chance? It is something to think about.

At sites like indiegogo, excelent games raise much less than games, for example, a developer said which while on indiegogo a similar game got 2.000 dollars in two months, their game at got 150.000 dollars in one week; another example is people which got 30% of their funding goal from people who "stumbled" on their projects on opposed to being brought by active marketing.

Questverse current main menu

I have already seen myself two excelent games from friends also raising as little as 100 dollars, and successful ones(backed by experienced people) raising only 20.000 at IGG. Your own personal marketing is good, but indiegogo has less exposure/people visiting everyday than, which gets more popular because it is already popular. it is a never ending circle, seen on big brands, such as coca-cola.

It will be very, very hard to make a campaign, because of its no non-US/UK allowed policy(they claim its is because amazon payments), but I must try, I really have no other choice; or it is that way or I do better market and sell my game on my own on my site, which may be much harder. Many non US residents game devs are caught on this situation. Anyway if amazon payments have amazon on its name I wonder why it has no brazilian support...(joke attempt here)

Questverse Intro screenshot

So, if you see campaigners fail out there even with them having good ideas and campaigns; know there may be much more going on for success than most care to know.

As for my own campaign, I was actually lucky to have failed the first one on IGG, because I offered some perks which would require a lot of work to do for a low price, without a limit on how many could get them and how much they would receive. I think it would be wise to split the full minimum value I require(30.000) between 3 separated campaigns, so it will be easier to succeed on each one.

I also studied for some time the campaign of a nice person and game developer, called disastercake, creator of soulsaga, a game in some ways similar to mine; someone who achieved his goals. You may want to also study how he did things if you're planning a campaign, I bet you too may learn something.

Now, to other subjects: due to the above I already resumed work on the logo I will be know for when people play Questverse in the future(the previous one was a placeholder), check out parts 1 and 2 of the creative process below (part 3 I ommited), with the result and application in video.

Creative process for new lunarts logo 2

Lunarts new logo final

logo video progress: July 13 - Indie DB

The result not only pass nicely the concepts of night and soft, but it also is legible even at the size of a thumb(a must for a logo), having good results in white or black backgrounds. I also made some small changes to the title video:

Title video progress: 10/07/13 - Indie DB

About the game site, I changed its url to; .com because I now know most of my public is beyond south america, and "games" to make it clear what I intend to work with. I think the site is already stable once more now, and I already had setup some redirects from the old domain to the new.

We also have two new votation polls for you, a report wouldn't be the same without them. Let me hear you opinion there.
If the campaign was tomorrow
Of what was alreay done, does Questverse works without fatal errors to you?

Hey, and remember the game editor question I had back then? If it would be worth it? I saw which in the long run it would; it will make me create a unique pattern for the code of all game scenes, and save me a lot of coding at each scene. So I'm working on it(which means I also am working on the game quest 1). I will also need to make a video for the enigmatic dream you will have before you wake up on your bed at the game start.

In case you are asking yourself what were the final results of the previous npc votation, here are they:

Current character concept votation stats

We will have to change the lion man in some pways due to this result, isn't it? Obviously there is something wrong with him.

In about 1 week I also researched about many games, some much older than others, which could give ideas for Questverse; it was very productive. I also learned it is a good idea to take printscreens of points of these games I found interesting and store it in a folder; I recommend it to game devs wanting new ideas.

Not much had happened besides that, here are the past events since the last report:

  • I made a small revision to the game exe code which improved its boot time
  • Small fixes to the game linux exe
  • Small fixes to the game windows exe
  • News articles are again being made monthly since you asked
  • I disabled the space map scene for now
  • Made small improvements to the game site
  • Fixed some strange site behaviors on windows internet explorer.

That is it for now friends, you can help the Questverse project by talking with others who may like it, making constructive criticism about it here, following the game facebook or twitter and letting me know of game bugs.

Ah, and thanks to those who are already helping! I know some of you are already moving "in the shadows" in preparations for December = )

Till the next report!