Here we will list features that might get implemented or not, depending on their importance for the community and on their feasibility.

- facebook integration
- IRC chat
- XMPP chat (lgdb with own xmpp server and automatic user registration)
- upcoming games (future games showcase)
- user profiles (more fields on user profile)
- list game engines
- featured game (promote a specific game on the front page based on user vote)
- developer/publisher info for games.
- event calendar (tournaments, awards, meetings... )

list is not complete, just somethings that was suggested at some point.


Any chance having the IRC chat a bit more integrated, like GameJolt for example? I am getting lonely being the only person in the room :(

hehe Ancient its not time to be there yet :D i usually don't hang out on irc and i think it will be a little empty.... so i'm not sure if we should go for IRC or if something else is better....