A suggestion about Rating as a Filter

  • I personally believe gamers are very different, and so the way they rate games.
  • One best thing created for determine what is good game is to Vote.
  • However, it is better to allow another filter apply to Rating option:
  • High Rating: imo, we need it.

Where to place it?
All Games by metarating/ by popularity/ by user rating/ by user high rating


so what should the filter "high rating" filter?

players' high rating: this filter ONLY those with rating 7 or higher and based on the average of ratings above 7 - which is great.

Or 8.

I think luojie means that the user rating should be a normal filter, not a separate tab without filters.
If this is what he means I agree.

I didn't think that far as a filter implementation.

I just wanted a high average rating filter as another system that ignoring any rating below 7.

i think the tab user rating under all games is just for that.

ok, the thing i could do, was implementing a sort option under all games so you can sort by user rating, and by other things...

Is the current |by user rating| filter ratings below 7? I don't think so.

I meant to exclude those ratings because of no love on it rather the game isn't good for high rating.

For a game with ratings of 7, 5, 10, 8, 9, in my opinion of this system.

It have only 3 valid vote which are 8, 9, 10; it do not count 7, 5.