Urban Terror is going down

Hello, i just visited the Urban Terror website and i found this message: Shutdown Pending: Team FS have decided to suspend all operations until further notice.
To bad that this happens, i can only hope that Frozen Sand allow other contributors to continue working at the game if they wont do it anymore.


I wanted to suggest http://www.lgdb.org/game/assaultcube but their website is currently unreachable so i'm not sure about the game status ether. I just added http://www.lgdb.org/game/assaultcube_reloaded and it is an alternative and installation easy. If you feel a break from deathmatch is in order i would recommend http://www.lgdb.org/game/americas_army_25 its objective oriented gameplay is engaging and unique. And there are always full servers.

EDIT: sixsixfive found the reason http://www.urtjumpers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=28150#p28150