AdaGate is a 3D sokoban puzzle game within a Stargate / Portal fantasy setting. It is an example of modern OpenGL programming using the Ada language. Now runs on Windows, OSX, and Linux.

While searching a remote south-seas island for remnants of a lost American heroine, a nearly operational stargate beckons. Transported into a strange dungeon, with no way out, return to the island will require a logical rearrangement of rollable power cells [ZPMs]. Blast your two portal guns at the walls to prepare an escape tunnel, but before you can use it, the system must be powered up. But the ZPMs are heavy and can only be PUSHED...

Escape all 4 dungeons to reach the other-worldly neptune-choir, where the level of difficulty is increased for your next challenge.

New easy build system allows any platform with GNAT to recompile; but first try the delivered exes. Note for Mac users: now comes as a Mac bundle.

Minimum system requirements: 

required for running:
. graphics card with ample memory & updated driver that supports OpenGL version 3.3 or later;
. Windows, GNU/Linux or a Mac running OS-X;
. adagate_gnu is executable on GNU/Linux.
. is the clickable app for Mac OS-X.
. adagate.exe is executable for Windows.

AdaGate is covered by the GNU GPL v3


Full Screen Mode

11july2015: The SDL-flag to invoke a proper full screen mode has now been set!