AdaVenture is a kid-friendly retro point&click game, intended to be a minimal extension to 3D of the original 2D Atari game named "Adventure". Now runs on Windows, as well as OSX and Gnu/Linux.

Set in ancient Persia, it begins outside the castle of the young King Xerxes, who inherited a golden chalice from his father, Darius the Great. Coveted by 2 Greek kings, Leonidas of Sparta and Minos of Crete, it has recently been stolen.

Your quest is to find and return the royal chalice to its pedestal within the castle of Xerxes. But, there will be obstacles to overcome. You must find the keys to various realms, defend yourself against dragons, avoid snakes and pesky bats who steal things only to drop them in random locations, and survive the maze. Now with two levels, one easy and one moderate. Celebrate your victory to the exotic music of Korla Pandit. Now with awesome 3-plane-trees, Freetype fonts, full Phong lighting, and two alternative Virtual Camera Systems (as well as 1st-person).

Minimum system requirements: 

* graphics card with ample memory & updated driver that supports OpenGL version 3.3 or later;
* Windows, GNU/Linux or a Mac running OS-X;
* optional game controller or joystick.
* OS-X: must have OpenAL.framework, which comes on v10.4 and newer


Wall of Text


your game looks very interesting but what is with the huge wall of text?
On LGDB people usually only need a first impression. Most of the time they are not interested in the licensing of ever single game asset, reading your full game license and compile instructions.

Good change. And nice game.