Ancient Beast

Ancient Beast

Alpha funding! Early access, alphafunding, or paid-alpha is a funding model in the video game industry by which consumers can pay for a game in the early stages of development and obtain access to playable but unfinished versions of the game, while the developer is able to use those funds to continue work on the game.

Ancient Beast is a turn based strategy game played online against other people, featuring a wide variety of items and creatures to acquire and put to good use in order to defeat your opponents.

Ancient Beast is free, open source and developed by Freezing Moon (and community). It uses technologies such as HTML, PHP, and JavaScript, so it is playable from any modern browser without the need of plugins.
This project was carefuly designed to be easy to learn, fun to play and hard to master. We hope you'll enjoy it!

It's the year 2653. In the last centuries, technology advanced exponentially and everyone had a fair chance of playing God. With help from the RepRap project, a free desktop 3d printer, which gave anyone power to build their own weapon factory or genetic laboratory on their own property. Mechanic parts or genetic modifications turned from a fashion option into a requirement for survival.

Despite their combined efforts, the world's governments couldn't prevent the world from plunging into chaos. The Earth has become a battlefield; split between 7 factions fighting for dominion over the ravaged landscape. The apocalypse is here, and only the strong will survive.

Minimum system requirements: 
  • internet connection
  • a modern browser with HTML 5 support and JavaScript enabled
  • 500 MHz Processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 200 MB HDD
  • 64 MB Video Card
  • controller (keyboard, mouse, gamepad, touch screen, smartphone or tablet)

Best played at Full HD resolution (1920x1080), with stereo speakers, using Google Chrome.
While playing on a smartphone, it is highly recommended using a stylus.


Part-time coding job

If someone is interested in a part-time coding job working on this project, check out this blog post
The position will require you to maintain the gameplay, by fixing bugs, coding new unity abilities, revamping old ones, adding new features and coding online multiplayer functionality at some point.
The task mainly involves javascript, phaser, node.js, github and possibly

Mailing List, Subscribe Today!

Heya! I’m starting a mailing list for the project so I’m looking to build an audience.
I’ll be writing something about the project every month or so, along with development news and future plans. It’s a low traffic and spam free news that you can unsubscribe at any time. If you’re interest in the project, you can subscribe from the widget here (at the bottom of the page) The first post will be when the list reaches 50 subscribers, hope you’ll be part of it, thanks! :-)

Version 0.2 release event!

Version 0.2 has been scheduled for release on 15th June!
This version will include more playable creatures, such as Uncle Fungus, Gumble and Abolished, a lot of balancing, bug fixes, usability enhancements and hopefully hotkeys!

If you have a software or game related blog and would like to help us out with some PR and articles, feel free to contact me or or you can drop by

Please join the event on facebook and/or G+
You're not required to do anything special, at most check on 15th June and test the game with a buddy or two more and provide some feedback if you have any ^^