Anonymine is a curses mode minesweeper solvable without guessing and apparently the only one with
von Neumann neighbourhoods.

Apart from with von Neumann neighbourhoods, you can play traditional or hexagonal fields.
There are no predefined modes, every parameter can be customised!

Mine densities up to about 23% on the default size are generated relatively fast on modern hardware.
500@50x50 is also relatively fast and recommended for those who want a small challenge.
2000 mines at 100 by 100 can be achieved if you change the timeout time to three hours or something.

Minimum system requirements: 
  • Python: 2.7 or 3.x. (2.6 might work)
  • The curses module for Python
  • Fast RAM and a multi-core CPU
  • Fans, CPU gets hot when generating the minefields
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Developer: Oskar Skog