Archimedean Dynasty

Archimedean Dynasty

Alpha funding! Early access, alphafunding, or paid-alpha is a funding model in the video game industry by which consumers can pay for a game in the early stages of development and obtain access to playable but unfinished versions of the game, while the developer is able to use those funds to continue work on the game.

Archimedean Dynasty (German: Schleichfahrt, meaning silent running) was the first of the "Aqua series", developed by Massive Development and published by Blue Byte Software in 1996.

Schleichfahrt reloaded is remake of the original game Archimedean Dynasty (aka Schleichfahrt). Currently the original game is needed but later new game content can be added and could substitute the old ones (already impl). State: story-mode finished, fight under dev

Minimum system requirements: 

Panda3D Runtime and the DOS game data files