Ascii Patrol

Ascii Patrol

Ascii Patrol is an ASCII game project. It was mainly inspired by "Moon Patrol", my favourite arcade game at the times I was a child.

Game is released to following platforms:

Linux and Cygwin with optional X11 / RAW input handling
Web Browsers with Canvas (WebGL is highly recommended)
Windows as pure console application
DOS, FreeDOS, DOSBox and other DOS emulators

New Alpha 1.2 released!

Change log brief:
- Sound support (requires PulseAudio on Linux or WebAudio compatible Browser)
- In-memory game save (so player can exit from game to the menu, and resume game)
- Black & White option for terminals w/o color support
- Additional UI elements reflecting above changes

Hi-Scores compatibility is maintained.

Minimum system requirements: 

* 32MB RAM
* TTY I/O ( Physical Keyboard, Monitor )
* Pre-installed CURL for connecting with hi-scores server
* Audio requires PulseAudio demon running