Ascii Sector

Ascii Sector

Ascii Sector (aka Privateer: Ascii Sector) is a free space combat/exploration/trading game for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You start with a simple spaceship and can then accept missions or trade goods to earn enough money to upgrade your ship or buy a new one.

You can engage in deadly fights both in space, on the ground and on board spaceships, and using the Ascii Sector scripting language, you can create your own quests for the game or have fun with other players' quests.


Development Abandoned

The game has long since gotten no updates, however is very playable and enjoyable. I hope you enjoy it as much as i have. i love the combat system in it and it is a great little game, just wish he'd open the code for others to further it's development.

"Not really in development at the moment. The creator is working on another game so this is sorta in hiatus for as long as the creator says. " - from

Changed to abandoned, also also added Laserbrain Studios to the Dev and forum link. Thanks!

Also the game is great, I have been following the updates of this dev regularly.