Aualé: The Game of Mancala

Aualé: The Game of Mancala

Oware is a strategy game for two players with great tradition around the world. It belongs to the wide family of mancala games, also known as count-and-capture games due to the peculiarity of their gameplay, consisting in the distribution of game pieces around the board and its removal from the board when certain conditions are met.

Similarly to other popular board games like chess or checkers, players compete in a rectangular board where they move the game pieces in order to capture more than their opponent and win the game.

Amongst the features offered by Aualé, there is the possibility of playing against one of the most challenging computer opponents and the ability to save the games in a fully portable format. You can play against the computer in four different levels, watch the computer play alone while you learn from it or annotate your own games.

  • Play against the computer
  • Annotate and save your games
  • Easily configurable computer strength
  • Opening book and endgame database
  • Available in Asturian, Catalan, French, English, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish and Ukrainian.
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Developer: Joan Sala Soler
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