Build a World

Build a World

BIG NOTICE: Game is Open Beta 23rd of April, make sure you understand the word 'Beta' and that some features are missing

For all who might be interested, we would like to present the new sandbox construction game Build A World.

Build A World combines the most beautiful graphics you could imagine with a sandbox construction game. You enter a brand new world with modern tools and with the ability to make modern machines, buildings and other constructions. An online game run by the new BAW engine. It's a modern game in a modern world.

How do you play it?

BAW can be played alone, or online with friends and foes. The online function is one of the key feature of the game. Each player has his or her own online server in addition to LAN servers, so that it is possible to invite other players into your world, or join theirs.

The world you play in is randomly generated and endless in all directions. How you play is only really limited by your imagination.

What do you do?

The world comes ready with a huge amount of natural resources for you to find and collect: iron, rock, sand, copper, gold, coal, bauxite etc.

Your job as a world builder is to refine and manufacture these resources into building materials like wood, concrete, bricks, asphalt, steel, glass etc. for machines, houses and any other sorts of constructions, you can imagine.

Some of these machines and constructions already exist as blueprints in the game, and just need to be assembled, but a lot is up to your imagination. Can you build the next World Wonder?

The whole construction section is supported by another key feature, the Online Models Library, which allows the players to save constructions and models, and exchange models with other players. The autogenerated worlds can be entirely made of the players models, for example a large city populated with player-created houses and buildings.

In the end you will design your world just as you want it.


Besides natural resources, electricity is part of the games 'economy'. To keep everything running in the world players must construct power sources like wind turbines solar cells oil pumps with rigs and even nuclear power plants. There will also be a pollution damage factor build in, so that the cleaner the power source, the less pollution and damage to the environment. So use the energy wisely or face the consequences.

Minimum system requirements: 

OpenGL 3.2 capable Graphics Card with minimum 512 MB of Video RAM
At least a 720p display resolution
1.5 GB of RAM
Dual Core CPU @ 2.0 Ghz
Keyboard and Mouse
56kb/s connection to just login


Version 0.61 is out

New Version is out :-)

Update 8-8-2014 (0.61/rev.1211)
- big teslacoil now misses (25% to 45% miss, according to distance)
- electrical bolts with better effect added (alpha blended)
- powertransformer will now explode if submerged in water and currently has power
- powertransformer will now set on fire if touched by water and currently has power
- small power transformer added
- ability to raise or lower global waterlevels (happens over time when level is changed)
- landscape will change if flooded (basic erosion)
- added traintracks (will be enabled for next release)
- map height is now 384, used to be 256
- maps gets automatically converted to new format, which gives 57 more blocks below
oceanlevel and 71 more above oceanlevel (total 128)
- map generation bug fixed (maps seemed skewed)
- taller buildings in newly generated big cities
- industrial areas can now appear next to a big city (in Big World or Designer Mode)
- minimap added (will require sattelite launched into space in next version)
- FPS increased by 30% on average
- shark spawner block added
- small and medium steam turbines added
- new player achievements added
- powertransformer can now be rotated
- black spots glowing in water - fixed
- underwater wierd textures showing in the fog - fixed

- map format has changed from 32x32x256 to 64x64x384. Also the regions are now split
vertically into 64x64x64 cubes, which gives better occlusion culling
- light bolts can now be transparent (have alpha blending)
- extended the particle system so now we can have axis-aligned particles like lightbolts, sparks and splashes
- gameserver now does not save regions that have not been modified
- multithreaded pathfinding algorith put in (not in use yet)
- soft particles now uses a new transfer function
- render now uses more memory, if available, for more renderthreads
- on 2 or 1 core machine, the lightning is not diagonal, but straight down which is faster
- vertret optimized and using less memory
- smokeless fireemitter added
- explosion/mob collision now much faster
- water occq merged into one and it was simplified with quadtree, so reflections faster
- experimental import of realworld GIS heightdata, roads, houses etc. done (not enabled for now)

Version 0.597 is out , everyone gets ONE MORE FREE MONTH

Again, everyone who registered for a free trial before GETS TOPPED UP WITH 1 MONTH OF FREE GAME TIME!
So come again, play and check out what is new in the game!

Some videos of important new features:

What's new?

User Rights on Servers: New users who enter a server are automatically a guest, and can not interact with the world. The Server Owner or Admin can change a User from Guest to Normal User by using the TAB-key. Click here for an example movie.

Functional blocks and Signal Lines: can be used with switches, pressure plates, buttons, lights, doors etc.). Use F2 to enable/disable editing of Signal Lines. Click here for an example movie.

Many new blocks and constructions: Uranium ore added to the world, various kinds of smoke emitters and chimneys added for visual effects, power cut off terminal block for the main powersystem, doors (normal, sliding, elevator and shutter) and rubble when blocks hits the ground at high speed.

Player Ranking and Achivement system: Press K to see your current ranking and the entire list of tasks. Ranking ONLY increases in Survival Mode!

Model functions: more modelling functions added. To use 'Take Construction', point at the construction and hit 'Delete' key.

Spawnpoints list: Spawnpoint teleport. Press O to see the overview of spawnpoints (not for Survival).

Big City: Many new buildings for the autogenerated big city. The Nuclear powerplant now powers the entire city via a network of powerlines and transformers. Click here for a walk around at the Nuclear Powerplant. You can also build a Nuclear Reactor yourself, Click here for a demonstration movie, or even a Tactical Nuke.

Full speed gravity (v2.0): gravity has been updated to make blocks fall smoohtly and turn blocks into rubble when they hit ground at high speed. Click here for an example movie.

Many bugfixes: Now also works on Windows 8 64bit with Intel HD GPU.

Always remember F1 for help.

Version 0.5877 out with long awaited Model Library

Check out our YouTube channel for some footage of the new functionality

Also as always, we will shortly be dishing out another 48 hours of extra game time to users who already used up their trial so they can try the game again (should get an email within a week)

Come and checkout the new version!!


We're giving away a week of free play instead of 48 hours

We are even topping up the game time on accounts which already used up the free trial time!!

(expect some more free time with every new version of Build A World, so you can always come back and try out the latest changes)

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