This is an SDL based Open Source maze game available from It is a beta version. The license is GPL 3.0.

In chrzÄ…szcz you are walking through a maze. The whole maze is divided into chambers. In order to go to a different chamber you must open a door. In order to open a door you must have a key.

To open the door you sometimes need to exchange the keys with the orcs living here. Do not be afraid, the orcs are friendly and they always allow you to reverse the transaction. But sometimes they will not give you anything. You must figure out which keys combinations they would be willing to exchange.

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Developer: Pawel Biernacki


I hope it improves with time

It looks decent, but door keep closing on me and getting me stuck. Doors seem to close whenever you trade with a goblin, and if this happens near a door, you might get stuck.

Thanks. Yes, I am aware of the problem. I will fix it in the next release. There is a workaround now - save the game (F2) and then load it again.

Hi, I fixed the bug. Get the release 0.1.0. I also added a soundtrack and a hall of fame.

Promising Braincracker!

Very interesting game... Does it need OpenGL (Mesa)?

Thanks. No, it needs SDL, SDL_image and SDL_ttf. The images are prerendered and not calculated in real time.