Clash of Aggression

Clash of Aggression

Clash of Aggression is all about "last stand": your team against dozens of enemies. It features characters and weapons from the middle ages and from modern times.

Features implemented to date

  • 12 unique levels with different theme and different enemies: modern city defense, medieval town, horror maps, zombie enemies, medieval soldiers or modern soldiers
  • Online CO-OP: players team up against the enemy hordes
  • Online deathmatch, with power ups spawning randomly and boxes with unexpected effects
  • 5 game modes
  • Allies on player team, CPU - controlled
  • The player earns money that can be used to hire new allies, superweapons or new weapons
  • Experience: player and every character on game has experience with bonus depending on level
  • Superweapons: atomic bomb, ICBM, meteors and artillery attack
  • 9 playable character
  • Ranged and melee weapons: modern and medieval
  • Customizable PVP: you can set the frag limit and the spawn of random boxes

Game modes

  • Assault: destroy the enemy base
  • Defense: defend your base for 10 minutes. Fast paced games oriented
  • Survival: there is no scape. Survive as much as you can
  • Wave Survival: defeat each wave, buy new weapons until the final boss appears (singleplayer for now)
  • Deathmatch (multiplayer only): kill your opponents and be the first to reach the frag limit

Tested under LAN environment, on Wifi and Ethernet. For non-LAN game you should open port 7777 in your firewall and in your router.
The game includes an in-game small tool that checks if your PC is reachable for this game and some instructions in case it's not.


Work in progress

  • Players will be able to join the enemy side and fight each other in Classic Last Stand and Base vs Base game modes
  • More maps, characters and enemies to fight
  • More classic PVP game modes: team deathmatch and capture the flag
  • Customizable games: player will be able to chose his side and enemy side, number of enemies, random events and duration
  • More PVP game mode options: random events and wandering enemies attacking all players


A question

How is the game in regards to modability? If it isn't that good, will there be potential for that in the future?


Currently there is no way to mod the game. The development is going a bit slow, but I will look further into modding!


Hello out there,
you may have noticed a new game, Clash of Aggression, on this website. My dev team is quiet small (just two persons, one developer and one QA) and we began this journey on May 2016.
I would like to hear any suggestion, error or performance related topic you may have encountered. Feel free to comment anything.

  • What distro are you using?
  • Were you able to run the game?
  • How was the performance? At what graphics quality?
  • Any game breaking bug?
    • Thank you!

should have stated somewhere that the minimum requirement is OpenGL 3.2.

Hello! Thanks for your comment.

Unity, the game engine used for this game, has OpenGL Core and OpenGL2 compatibility. When you open the game it should detect which one fits for you.

Since it seems it is not working for you, I'll check it out!

It should work now. Give it a chance when you have some time.


I notice that the player just go crazy (rapid turning?) when it start to lag really bad.

That probably just means my computer just sucks too much to play this.

Yes, that's right. If the FPS drops below 10 the character becomes crazy. it is something I need to fix.

May I know your computer specs ?


Version 0.4.5

Version 0.4.5 has been released.


  • Added online co-op support. Max 3 players
  • Each player manage his own money, weapons and ammo
  • Cross-platform multiplayer: Windows - Linux and Mac OS X
  • Mountain defense map graphics improved
  • Optimized CPU and GPU usage
  • Added DirectX 9 support for older cards
  • Fixed builds destruction on Outpost defense
  • Music now changes when a boss spawns
  • Improved character spawn randomness (allies and enemies)
  • Wave survival game mode disabled for now
  • New enemy: Decayed Zombie
  • Crusade cost changed from 2000 to 8000
  • New difficulty levels: Nightmare and Hell